Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Latest Happenings

As I think through the past few days, I almost kick myself for not posting daily. So many things have been happening around here!

A week ago today, Lustre Christian High School crowded into our school bus and drove away to Beacon Camp where we spent the school day playing softball, eating some delicious food, and listening to a staff panel that sought to answer questions students had written ahead of time. We discussed how you can really know you're saved, how alcohol can be viewed from a Christian perspective, what it looks like to listen to God for your future, etc. There was also a discussion time concerning chapel as Principal Young sought to cast a new vision and new perspective.

The next day, a new member joined our family! Nathan joined us from Ohio as a freshman. We're so glad to have him!

Joyce (junior) is hanging out at
a park near the lake, watching the
crazies from her perch. She is also
on our volleyball team this year.
Saturday morning, girls' alarm clocks were going off way before six am as four of our girls prepared to participate in their first volleyball game! Serena, Joyce, Aleyna, and Dimon headed off to Culbertson to play in their first tournament. While they didn't win any games, they got a good feel for how they play as a team, and they are much more prepared now for their FIRST HOME GAME TODAY! :)

Several of the guys wanted to support our girls, so Ibrahim drove them the two hours to cheer hard. Maya also joined them. She is a part of the volleyball team but was in the process of making a decision as to whether or not her future plans would coincide with playing. She decided to stick with the team. They're lucky to have her.

Sunday after church, the dorm committee treated us to a fun time at Fort Peck lake. The sun was shining, but the breeze was pretty chilly. It didn't keep the students out of the water though! Several of them ran right in, splashing each other on the way. They came out with their teeth chattering, but they seemed to have a great time. Dawson Olfert and Tony Fast brought along boats for the kids to do some tubing and skiing. That was a highlight.

Left to Right: Serena (senior),
Chen (senior) and Maya (Senior)
 After playing in the water, we moved out toward a camping area where the Dorm Committee roasted some hotdogs and set out the fixings. Some started a volleyball game while some of us just sat in the sun and talked. We headed back tired and happy. It was a good day.

Monday was a treat with no school. Several slept in, but soon it was time to get to some homework. In the evening, several of the kids were hoping to go bowling, but we never could get ahold of the bowling alley. They were closed. The kids still thought shopping would be worth it, so we all piled into the school van, and off we went to Glasgow.

Tuesday came bright and early, and it was time to head back to school. The week has been whirring by though. Friday's almost here again.

During the girls' devotions, we start out by sharing something we are thankful for from the day. There's a great quote by G.K. Chesterton: “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” 

"Happiness doubled by wonder." I love that.

When we give thanks, we're opening our eyes to see the beauty around us and to not only see it but experience it. Experienced beauty is happiness. Acknowledged beauty doubles happiness in wonder.

I am so thankful for the 13 students God sent into my world. I am thankful for their laughter, their energy. I am so thankful for how they teach me what it looks like to welcome and love people. I'm thankful for their quirky humor and for how smart they are, each of them. I'm thankful for their bluntness (honesty), for their questions, for their courage. This family is a special one. 

Upcoming Calendar:

Tonight: First Home Volleyball Game! Thanks to those who came out and supported us. While our ladies lost, they sure played hard and did a great job. Can't wait to watch them on Saturday.

Saturday: Home Volleyball Game

Sunday: MB Church Potluck 

This is free entertainment for you. :) The students hung out at a park near the lake until the Dorm Committee arrived. This tire swing kept the kids busy for quite awhile. :) It's the little things . . .