Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nerds Night and Senior Graduation

Every school year, LCHS awards students for their outstanding performance in areas of academics, sports, leadership, scholarship, and growth. This year, many of our dorm students received one or more awards and scholarships. We are so proud of their growth as students and leaders, and also the dedication and hard work they put in their academics. Mawin, Silas, Jacques, Nevin, Etien, Alek, Maya, Serena, Joyce, Katie and Aleyna, Danae and I are so proud of you for your accomplishments this school year.

Silas, Boy Basketball MVP



Jacques Basketball Defence MVP and A Thousand dollars scholarship recipient 

Joyce, A Thousand dollars Scholarship recipient and LCHS best student in Maths

LCHS had its senior graduation ceremony on May 17, 2015. Our dorm seniors graduated and we are very sad to see them leaving. Maya Cruz got accepted into the New York Filming Academy in LA. Mawin will be moving to Washington State where he will be working this summer and then attend a college during the Fall semester. He wants to become an Airforce Pilot. Serena also will be moving to Washington where she will be working as a  nanny for a missionary family. Chen got accepted into Aims Community College in Colorado and intends to transfer to the University of Oklahoma  to get a degree in Business. We wish all our seniors best of luck as they move to the next phase of life. We also pray that they will remember to put God first in all they do. Happy graduation seniors.

2014-2015 LCHS Senior class (Serena missed the picture.)

The dorm also wish to thank the Uchtman family, Mr. and Mrs. Young, and Dean and Julie Reddig for their hospitality. Thank you for opening your homes, feeding us, and putting up with our noise. God bless you all.

At the Uchtman's

Game time at the Reddig's

                                                                Miscellaneous pictures 

                                                                          May Birthdays


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Junior Senior Night

That is exactly what I thought when I saw these beautiful people. They were so stunning that their presence brighten the room the banquet was held. Every school year, LCHS tributes the Juniors and Seniors with a banquet to celebrate them, and to honor the seniors who will be graduating.

 A few students had dates which was encouraged.

Maya and Nevin

Jacques and McKaylah

Others came to the banquet by themselves or in a group

McKaylah, Serena and Monica


The banquet started at 7 pm. The students had the chance to meet with each other to showcase their beautiful attires as well as catch up. Shortly we prayed and we were served appetizers. The main course followed shortly and then dessert; the food was delicious. 

We had a superb kitchen crew who prepared the food and the sophomore class did the serving. Thanks to these people and without them, the banquet wouldn't have been a success. Also, special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Leland for orchestrating the event.
Etien, Aleyna, Shelby and Michael (Banquet servers)
Heidi Morton, the guest speaker shared some words of encouragement. She spoke about change and the changes she went through from leaving her job in LCHS to getting married. She said change can be scary and she described a time when her husband traveled to take care of some family matter. She was lonely, missed her friends and family and was livid with God because of the changes she wasn't accustomed to. After many days of been angry, she allowed God to speak to her and He reminded her of 2 Cor. 12:10 where Paul wrote "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." She also read some of her wedding cards and found comfort in one particularly which encouraged her to remember that Christ will always be her first love despite all the changes she will be going through.

She concluded her speech by encouraging the seniors to put Christ first as they prepare to leave Lustre to wherever God calls them and for the juniors to be diligent in pursuing Christ as they enter their senior year.
Heidi Morton with the senior class of 2014/2015
Geneva and Evan shared  the senior prophecy which by the way was very hilarious. The prophesy is a fictional story of what is suppose to happen to the seniors when they graduate High School. Mack Young also shared the Senior Will which is something the seniors give to the teachers, Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors. My favorite was the senior class gave Mr. Butler 'The Definition of Art'. Go figure that one.
Jacques, Nevin and Silas

Mawin, Chen, Silas and Nevin

Also congratulations to Joyce a.k.a Fang Li who got inducted into the National Honor Society for her academic excellence, leadership and service commitment. Joyce is always studying even when the dorm goes out for a dorm activity. She is the dorm nerd but we love her. 1 Cor. 1:20 says "Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

I pray that Joyce and others like her will not only seek earthly knowledge but knowledge and wisdom from knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Congratulations Joyce on your academic excellence

Monday, April 20, 2015

It is almost the end of the school year

A mouse and an elephant were best friends. They hung out all the time, the mouse riding on the elephant’s back. One day they crossed a wooden bridge causing it to bow, squeak and sway under their combined weight. After they were across, the mouse mesmerized by their ability to make such an impact said to the elephant, “we sure shock up that bridge didn’t we?”

There are several lessons we can learn from this story. We can call the mouse arrogant, na├»ve or prideful; but I think the point is that the mouse didn’t comprehend how big and powerful his friend was. In the same way we are like the mouse who cannot grasp how big our God is. We also tend to credit ourselves after a hard day of work forgetting we couldn't have done without the Big Man upstairs.

It’s being an amazing year in the dorm and the school but all glory goes to God for that. Even in the midst of severe injuries (Silas), God was still in control and He showed us that through the community rallying to support Silas and the dorm as he recovers. By the way he is healing well and should be back to his normal routine soon.

However, what I have enjoyed the most is watching how the students have grown spiritually. I have seen students who didn’t pray before going to bed pray now. I have a student who reads his bible every night. During devotions, I have observed how some respond to questions or contribute on certain topics, and most of the time I am impressed. The most encouraging nonetheless is watching them put the knowledge the gain from church, school and in the dorm into practice.

Also, Lustre Christian High School celebrated its 50th annual Schmeckfest last month. The festival was a huge success and I was amazed at how the community came together to make the festival a memorable one. Every person in the community had a role to play and it was neat to see how unity makes Lustre unique.

As we round up the school year, please pray that we will finish strong. Pray for the seniors who will be graduating for God’s guidance and direction as they transition to wherever God calls them to be. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

50th Annual Schmekfest

Everyone told me that I would be overwhelmed by Schmekfest, by the way the gym was transformed and the way that so many came together to make it happen. They weren't lying. This Friday (March 27th) was the 50th annual Schmekfest. The gym was decorated in quilts and along the far wall were several displays and silent auction items. Over 800 people came to eat the German food, enjoy each other, and participate in the auctions, bake sales, etc. It was an amazing sight. 

The biggest thing that influenced me wasn't the amount of people who came or how different the gym looked. It was how so many community people all came together, everyone assigned a job, and served together because they love the school and want to invest in this community. It was INCREDIBLE!!! The people of Lustre really, really care about these students and this school and about serving Jesus. It is incredible.

I wish I had pictures from the night. I and the kids were busy with the jobs we had been given. We have good memories of it though. It was a busy, great time.

The next day was the first track meet in Glasgow. Nevin, Mawin, Etien, Alek, and Joyce are participating in track this year. It was great to hear them come back and share their stories! While they were at the meet, most of the rest of us helped clean up from Schmekfest in the morning. The cleaning went quickly as several came to help. The rest of the day was spent relaxing. 

Katie and Chen playing Janga. They were getting into it!

One evening this past week, a few
of us made s'mores by roasting
marshmallows over the stove. :)
Fun memory.

Nevin, Mawin, and Etien just hanging. :) 

A typical sight around here . . .
some wifi loving. 

As for other important news, yesterday was Joyce's 17th birthday! 

Happy, happy birthday, dear Joyce!

Ooh, you are such a treasure! Your laugh and smile bright up a room. You were so quiet when you made your home here at the beginning of the school year, but now, your laugh and funny sense of humor speak so loudly and joyously here. You are hilarious and courageous and smart and so full of life. I love who you are. Your positive attitude speaks volumes to those around you. You are so beautiful!

The verse I gave to you was this one: 

"You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Psalm 16:11ESV

My prayer for you is that you learn more and more the joy offered in the presence of God. You have felt His presence, and you know it. You believe it. Keep following Him, Joyce. He is worth everything. Jesus is worth everything. I am so grateful for you!