Saturday, February 17, 2018

My Inspiration

Today is my birthday. The students sang "Happy Birthday" at lunch; its was loud and boisterous.
I might have blushed.

While we were cleaning up afterwards, Wisly whispered for me to wait for him. He ran upstairs
and came down with a piece of notebook paper in his hands. Then he sat where I had at the table,
waiting for a break in the conversation. The guys gave him some friendly ribbing, but the eagerness and
vulnerability on his face was telling. He said he had something to read to me for my birthday.

My jaw dropped, my eyes watered. I looked at Kirubel, and Lucas, in disbelief and awe.
Everyone was silent...

My Inspiration
By Wisly Pierre, Haitian student at LCHS


“Eh! You’re not alone”
The words Lucas said when I was in the Dorm home
And Naomi cares about me, and be my mom
Now my writing could be the key of the light noon

Thanks for Ashley, to show me how to keep trying
Thanks for Q, it's knowledge after the world I can buying
Thanks for Gabriella Capasso, cause in art you put me in
The wind and love, the peace and cold; just turn me in

Thanks for Lily, by your help I’m still happy
Thanks, Brady, for Bible; so much secret you learned me
Thanks for Keira, when I had failed who still holds me
Thanks for advise, inspiration, all from Harry

On musical, more sensation, thanks Gillbert; just be friendly
And thanks for Get, be seriously and your help in chemistry
Yah, I see the way now
I will just keep trying.

No transition, Just good action
Just push me to say
You are My Inspiration.

ⒸWislyPierre 2018.  Used by permission.

A breathe of silence....followed by words of exclamation and encouragement. So beautiful.

At LCHS, you are not alone. We are community. We are family. And it takes all of us to make a difference in each other's lives.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Bonding over cupcakes

One of our new students, Keira (California), had her first Dorm Weekend Out, hosted by the K. family.  Keira and S. bonded while baking and frosting a batch of chocolate cupcakes.  Thanks S. for making Keira's time in your home special!

And yes, if anyone wants to spoil Keira, she likes purple and penguins.  😉

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Three more in 2018

Our dorm student body increased by almost half over the weekend.  Now we boast 10; half American and half international students.

Meet Emma (Colorado), Keira (California), and Wisly [wes / lee] from Haiti.

Emma with Gabriella and Get at the counter in concessions

Harry with Keira on the sidelines

Harry gives Wisly a good laugh

Second semester began on January 15th.  Elective classes changed and schedules were adjusted to adapt for the student's preference.

Important dates for this semester include the following:
     Basketball District Tournaments:  February 14-17
     Track Season begins:  March 12
     Schmeckfest:  March 23
     Easter Break:  March 29-April 2
     District Music Festival:  April 13-14
     Graduation 2018:  May 20
     Last day of classes:  May 25