Sunday, September 14, 2014

Third Week In

Nathan (Fr.) holding the bird
while Alek (Fr.), Serena (Sr.)
and Mawin (Sr.) look on.
On Monday morning during breakfast, the dorm heard a loud, interrupting THUD against the outside of the window. It caught our attention immediately, and several pressed against the glass to spot the cause of our disruption. There on the ground was a little bird that had just been rudely awakened to the deceitfulness of our window. He was lying on the ground, looking a little dazed.

Alek, one of our freshman guys, urgently ran to the little bird, picking him up, and planning immediately how we could take care of it. Nathan, another freshman guy, gently took the bird from him and attempted to feed the little animal a crumb of bread, analyzing its limp foot and folded wing. Somehow, the little bird got the name Gary Lustre, and it was decided that he would be placed on a branch outside, out of reach of our Lustre farm cats, with the hope that he would take flight after having rested. When the guys got back from school, little Gary was gone. We're hoping he's flying well again, having learned his lesson.

It is incredible to see how our students respond to the various situations they're presented with in the dorm, in school, in sports. I've been stuck on a quote from The Life Artist, that "who you are is much more important than what you do [and I would add, what's been done to you]." I really get to see my kids, who they are, as situations arise, as things happen to them. I loved seeing the gentleness and care and imagination that came from this small interruption to our day. I also love seeing the love of the Father reflected in these guys. Can't help but think of His words:
"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." - Jesus (Matthew 10:29-31)
On Tuesday, the Juniors and Seniors spent the first half of their day at a College Fair in Glasgow. On Wednesday, school picture day, the weather forecasted SNOW! So wild! There were a few flakes that fell. By the weekend, the weather warmed up a little, hanging out in the fifties during the day.

Katie (Jr.) smiling with a fancy
looking costume on her head. 
On Friday, the girls headed out to a volleyball game in Opheim. Sadly, Dimon had rolled her ankle in a previous practice, and it wasn't healing well, so I (danae) took her to the doctor. We also brought Katie along for the ride. The doctor sent Dimon away with a brace that will hopefully help her foot heal correctly, though we'd love prayers for that! The Friday previous, we had taken Aleyna in for a hurting wrist. The doctor also gave her a brace. These girls are tough volleyball players. We're hoping for no more injuries!

After the doctor's appointment, we girls decided to make the most of our Friday afternoon in town and stopped in the thrift store where Katie found a great costume that Dimon and I thought fit her well. :) We visited the library, two grocery stores, got a bite to eat, etc. Eventually we headed home where the volleyball girls met us a few minutes later.

Saturday, the volleyball girls woke up early to leave at 6am for their tournament in Circle. They arrived home tired and disappointed at their losses. This upcoming week, they'll have two brand new games. We're cheering hard for our Lady Lions! The season isn't over.

This weekend (Friday through Sunday evening), the guys are in various homes in the community for guys' weekend out. In the meantime, we girls are enjoying ice cream and brownies and other yummy treats, but don't tell the guys. Our secret. ;)

On Friday night, some of the girls moved a massive beanbag to the bottom of the first set of stairs and took turns jumping on it from a few steps up. :) They enjoyed flying through the air and taunting each other to see how big of a jump they could make. There's a mental block when you're standing on stairs about to jump, so they had to cheer each other on pretty hard. ;) The beanbag is massive, so it caught them easily each time. Below is a video of their shenanigans. Volleyball players, Kylie (shown in the video) and McKaylah, spent the night with us before their big day on Saturday. It was fun to have them. :)

Upcoming Schedule:

Sunday Night: Guys Come Back

Tuesday: Away Volleyball Game

Thursday: Away Volleyball Game

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