Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's New: Ice Bucket Challenges and More

Serena (senior) is being showered here by a more than
pleased Jaques (junior), quick to do the honors of dousing her.
Lustre may be in the middle of no man's land, but we're still influenced by mainstream culture . . . even here . . . largely due to social media. This is a minefield to navigate through carefully. There are a few benefits though. Yesterday was a good example of how a social media movement could bring us together for some fun as many of us participated in the famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It sure helped that the sun was shining again, the sky blue, and the air in the tepid seventies.

There was laughing and anticipation as ice buckets got filled for Serena, Dimon, Katie, Joyce, Chen, Maya, Mikayla, and even a surprise dousing was given back to Jaques as sweet justification.

Jaques looking way too excited
to make someone wet.
We are making memories, landmarks to remember the joys, the relationships.

It is amazing to think that two and a half weeks are almost finished. It feels like we've always known each other, that we've been family for a long time. Not that we have fully arrived in being the best brothers and sisters to each other that we can be. I think we're on the right track though.

Here are some of the highlights from the past week. On Friday night, Ibrahim popped in one of his favorite movies, "Cool Runnings." Our first family movie night with popcorn and lemonade.

On Saturday, five of the gals (Aleyna, Dimon, Joyce, Maya, Serena) had a volleyball workout from 10am - 3pm. They worked hard. They're strong ladies.

Ibrahim smiles as he drenches Maya
(senior) and McKaylah (junior . . . a
girl from the community that we are
always happy to claim our own).
  After dinner, we finally decided to     do a town run and all piled into the fourteen passenger school van. I felt like the proud parent of ELEVEN young adults. I couldn't be more proud of our crew or of being a part of them. They laugh like wild, and they care for each other too in their way. They are a loyal bunch.

On Sunday, we again piled into the van to head towards the Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Church, less than five miles away. They so graciously welcomed us with a potluck served after the service. It was so generous and kind of them! 

We got home in the afternoon and within a few hours, the Dorm Committee came, bringing food and Handbooks to go over with us. The guys and girls separated as we worked through the rules. 

At seven pm, the school kicked off to a good start with our annual Opening Program. Ibrahim and Danae shared a brief testimony in front of those who attended, and each student was called up to get a prayer card that they were asked to give away to someone in the audience, someone who would commit to praying for them throughout the year.

Prayer matters. {Those two words can sound so cliche, but maybe you can stop a minute, read it slow. It helps keep the cliche-ness of it from melting those three words right out of you as it does for me when we slow down to really consider.} I am so grateful for the way the people of Lustre commit to prayer.

If you are one of those who has committed to pray, our sincerest of thanks. It makes a drastic difference, so much more than you know. 

As for what's ahead, here's a small list that will finish out our month of August.

Thursday: R&R Day 
Students will go to nearby camp through the school to spend time playing, reflecting, and preparing for this year.

Saturday: Lady Lions' First Volleyball Tournament in Culbertson. 

Sunday: Trip to the Lake (With Dorm Committee Members)

Thank you again humbly for following along! Your prayers are appreciated.