Sunday, September 21, 2014

Celebrations and Halfway Points

"Hospitality is not so much a task as a way of living our lives and of sharing ourselves." 
- Christine Pohl

The Lustre dorm, home to fifteen of us, has an unspoken open door policy. It's not that we are willing to let just anyone in. Our home is meant to be a safe place after all, but for those who are invited {and willing . . . smile} to enter our place of chaos and learning and laughter, we offer the open door of our building and the open door of our lives. There is not much pretending when visitors come knocking. We won't claim to be perfect, but we'll try hard to be sincere. I love that about our crew. We are all learning what it means to be open-hearted. I hope that you'll stop by sometime. Pull up a chair and share your story. We can learn from each other.

This Sunday, Miss Sherri Mizell, the junior high teacher at the grade school, did just that, so graciously accepting our invitation to eat lunch with us girls. The guys were still out for dorm weekend out. She braved our craziness, and we LOVED having her! She was a source of wisdom and laughter and just fun company. 

From L - R: Dimon (9th grade), Maya (12th), Aleyna (10th)
Serena (12th), Miss Mizel, Ibrahim (he suffered through
 lunch with us! *wink*), Katie (11th) and Joyce (11th)

The guys came back that evening, and it was good to see them. After being separated for a weekend, we were missing them. 

Chen (12th) brought back some hot food (think full-fire
Jalepenos) from his weekend, and he convinced Maya (12th)
to brave the heat with him. Some pretty funny faces resulted. ;)

The week carried on fairly normally. It was midterm week, so several of the students had several tests. So crazy to think that they are halfway through the quarter. Time is whizzing by.

Alek (9th) enjoying some hot
chocolate WITH his marshmallows.
I think he likes marshmallows.
I think . . . ;)
On Thursday, JP Roquet (Christian hip hop/rap artist) and crew led chapel in the gym. It was definitely a memorable, exciting chapel. The man was very talented with an incredible story of God's grace. It was so encouraging to hear how Jesus got ahold of JP's heart, especially at a really low time in his life. JP told the story about how he was ready to  jump off a bridge to commit suicide when a man stopped by, knowing his name and asking for three minutes of his time to share with him a message that God had laid on his heart, specifically for JP, even though the two had never met. What an incredible story of God's pursuit! You can find more about JP and his music here:

Another highlight of the week was traveling to Scoby as a dorm to watch our volleyball girls play! Sadly, we lost our games, but there were definitely some intense plays. Saturday, they had a game in Frazer, and while they couldn't win their games overall, they did win 2 out of 5. So close!

Serena (12th), Taylor, and McKaylah stand closest to the net, while Geneva, Caitlyn, and Dimon get ready near the back.
Coach Orr, Alli, Maya (12th), Joyce (11th), Karoline, Aleyna (10th), and Silas (11th) watch on expectantly. 

The rest of us joined the team for pizza in Scobey afterwards. Fun times!

Waiting for some Scoby pizza.

Taking a break from their energetic conversations for a picture.

Another big highlight of the week was sneaking into the school on Wednesday night as a group to surprise Mrs. Toews (our weekday supper cook as well as a dorm committee member) by decorating the kitchen with balloons and streamers and signs. It was her birthday on Thursday, and we have so much to celebrate with her life. We are so grateful for her!

We are also grateful for YOU! Thank you for taking the time to stay updated, to pray. Would you continue to pray that Jesus would open our hearts? To each other and especially to Him? This dorm has belonged to Him for many years, and it continues to be His. Please pray that He would receive our best welcome. He sure deserves it! He is so good to us.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday: Choir (& All Dorm) Trip to Wolfpoint 

Thursday: Home Volleyball Game

Friday: Home Volleyball Game

Friday - Sunday: Girls Weekend Out