Thursday, August 14, 2014


My name is Ibrahim Danladi and I will be the Male RA at Lustre Christian High school for the 2014-2015 school year. Americans have a hard time pronouncing my first name, so to help you say it right, enunciate it this way -  'Ebraheem'. Don't get me started on my last name...

I have a degree in International Affairs from the University of Northern Colorado and a minor in Political Science. I am from Nigeria and you might have figured that out from my name. I first came to the U.S in 2007 as a Foreign Exchange Student and after that wonderful experience, God provided a way for me to come back and attend college. My favorite thing about the U.S is my host family in Washington and Colorado, and the freedom to worship God. What I dislike about the U.S is blue cheese

The top three things I value the most in my life are: God, family, and football which you Americans call soccer. It doesn't really make sense but I guess I will have to ride along like I have being doing for the past five years. There is nothing more important in life than my relationship with God. "In Christ Alone my hope is found". I find my purpose, fullness, joy and worth in pursuing God because He pursued and loved me first.

I am family oriented. In my culture, family comes before anything which can be good or bad if it replaces God. I am blessed with amazing families both in Nigeria and in the U.S. I have an American host family that adopted me as their son.

Every male child grows up playing football in Nigeria (the real one), so I am one of the product of my society. I love the sport; and have used it to meet people that I call best friends today. Since American football makes sense to me now, I love the Seattle Seahawks. They get me excited every time I watch them play. Wanna talk about the last Superbowl? I was still in Colorado when the Broncos got bullied. I am also excited to watch LCHS football games.

I am excited to serve as an RA but more excited to see what Jesus has in store at Lustre. What I am looking forward to the most is meeting the students I will be serving, and I heard it snows a lot in Montana.

If you want to know anything about me, hit me up. Oh! I am afraid of heights and snakes.