Sunday, March 22, 2015

Raw Talents

Drama crew
A few weeks ago, LCHS drama class presented a play "Trial by Error", a play so captivating that left the audience in awe of the talents LCHS students possess. The costumes and the actual presentation was aesthetically coordinated which kept the audience entertained throughout the night. Several of our dorm students were in the play and I thought their individual roles represented some of their persona. 

Jacques is an individual of few words so his character was Romoni Brown, a grumpy gypsy who never said much but groan and moan at others. Alek's was sheriff Tex Masterson, the law man who kept the town in order. His character was sometimes funny, serious, talkative and had a rather peculiar accent. Serena played Slick Parker,  a dumb potbelly man -  so maybe not all the  characters personified the students who played them. The other dorm students in the play were Silas, Maya, and Aleyna and they acted their roles exceptionally well.

Ramoni Brown (Jacques), and Sheriff (Alek)

A few students from LCHS attended the REACH program, an event organized for students who are interested in careers in the medical field. They students met different people who work in the medical field like Nurses, Radiologist, Lab Technicians, Therapist and so forth. The students also got hands on experience like  strep throat testing.
Serena, Geneva and Nevin
Serena pretending to be a doctor
Nevin checking the heart rate of his patient
Learning how to check strep throats
Her first time in an Ambulance.
Future Surgeon Nevin
A Lab Technician teaching the students how to... (oops! I forgot)

Aleyna aka. Shorty # II celebrated her birthday last week. Aleyna is a Sophomore at LCHS and she has being a blessing in the dorm. She is short, a Colotexan, (a word I created to mean from Colorado and Texas), and funny especially when she does abs workout. The dorm wishes you a happy birthday and God's blessing in your life.
Birthday girl - Aleyna
Fiona, Silas's sister was able to visit for a short while during her Spring break. Fiona graduated LCHS last year and now attends the University of Iowa where she studies nursing. Good luck with your feature endeavors and come visit again.
Silas excited he is taller than his big sister
Upcoming events
  • Mar 21 - Senior Class Pizza Dinner at LCHS 5 - 7:30 pm
  • Mar 27 - Schmeckfest and no school
  • Mar 30 - Happy birthday Joyce
  • April (2-6) - Easter Break