Thursday, October 17, 2013

The cold weather has arrived.  We are anxiously waiting for snow.  Some of our students have never seen snow.  Mayaa, from Mexico, said she can't wait to see the snow for her first time.  Snow isn't new to our student, Robin, from Sweden.  He said it snows a lot in Sweden.

This month the dorm students and staff have enjoyed visiting different churches for their annual harvest meals.  We visited the MB and the EMB churches.  Each church has special speakers during the worship time.  It is encouraging to see how God is working around the world through missionaries and people who are called by God to to His work.

Nine of the dorm students are part the volleyball team. Serena, Rachael, Morgan & Gabby are players on the team.  Mawin runs the video camera.  Kim and Kourtnii both take statistics of the players.  Jacques spends many days during practice serving the balls to the players.  Meg is one of the managers.  We all enjoy going to the games and encouraging our players.  The volleyball season will wrap up in November.  We all appreciate Coach Mary Zerbe and the time she spends working with the players.