Monday, January 26, 2015

Nothing For Granted

Ordinary Life
(which includes a lot of hardboiled eggs
for breakfast around here! smile.)
It's kind of a cliche realization to not take anything for granted when we're faced with loss and hard times, but those who are facing those times, understand the reality of it. Nothing should be taken for granted. Those who know loss understand this painfully more so than many of the rest of us. Even ordinary things should be acknowledged as the gifts they are.

This past week, Silas, one of our juniors, broke his leg. It was a pretty gruesome break too that took him to Billings for an early surgery yesterday morning. The surgery went well, but he's currently in a lot of pain. Would you please pray for Silas as you think of him? That God would bring quick healing and even more so, that His presence would be evident and comforting to Silas right now, that He would speak to Him? Thank you! I KNOW that prayer makes a difference.

Silas is passionate about basketball, and the loss of the function of his leg isn't just about his leg. It's about something he loves. It's not going to be an easy road for him to figure out a new normal for the next few months, but he won't be alone in it.  This community has been so loving and so supportive of him. We're sticking by you, Silas. We are. We love you!


As for other happenings at the dorm, Dimon left the dorm two weeks ago as she was welcomed into a family from this community. It is SO HARD to have her gone, but it's beautiful to see God at work in her life and to see her loved on by others who care a lot! 

Besides that, basketball has consumed most of our free time. The typical weekly schedule includes games on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. This weekend was a Dorm Weekend Out, so kids stayed with community members and enjoyed a break from the dorm. Even though it's great to have a break as an RA, it's a fun moment for me when they start coming back, and the quiet dorm fills up again. :) 

This week will include more games as we wrap up the last week of January. Hard to believe. We've even had some sunshine and warmer weather the past few days! I think we're being fooled that spring's on its way. Nonetheless, we're enjoying the small break from winter. :)


Back to not taking anything for granted, I want to remember the beautiful, little things about this unique dorm world. I want the students to remember too . . . this is such a unique season in our lives. Let's not take it for granted. 

Today, I'm thankful to live in a community who cares and prays and loves us. I'm thankful for the seven stools by my kitchen counter, especially when they're being used by the kids. I'm thankful for groceries stores and sales and freezers that can keep our food for longer periods since we live so far away from those stores. I'm thankful for hospitals, pain meds, and people who were willing to drop what they were doing to hang out with Silas these past few days in Billings. I'm thankful for teachers that love these kids and have devoted their lives to them. I'm thankful for good sources of heat in this dorm during the winter. I'm grateful our running water works. I'm thankful for someone who cooks our weekday meals. I'm thankful that for the most part, we're all pretty healthy around here. I'm thankful that God's presence is here and that He walks us through each day and loves us, right where we're at. He is so good. There is so much to be thankful for!

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