Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Last Few Days of the Year

The countdown has most definitely begun. We are now down to 4 more school days, and then it's time for CHRISTMAS BREAK! I think we're all going a little crazy around here. Whether that's from our excitement or all the sugar that sweet people have been bringing our way, we may never know. ;) The past few weeks, kind hearted community members have been bringing us goodies! We've had some delicious fudge, chips and dip, coated pretzels, cookies, ice cream, and much more. I am beyond grateful for the way the community has loved our dorm family. It has made a profound difference for us!

The sugar has probably helped us survive the craziness of these last few weeks. It has definitely been busy around here. Time is flying. Last Thursday was the high school's Christmas program. Dimon played her flute in the band. She was our only band player from the dorm. The band rocked it! 

The high school choir also sang. Most of the high schoolers participate in choir, including all of those who live in the dorm. Together, they made some pretty great Christmas music.

We appreciate Mr. Butler's work in organizing the program and directing the choir and band. He does a stellar job.

On Friday night, there was a Blue White game at the school. The girls and boys basketball teams each split in half, and they played against each other (girls against girls, boys against goys) that night.  Meanwhile, there was a fundraiser Spaghetti Feed in the cafeteria. It was a special time for the community to gather together and watch the teams that they will soon be cheering hard for as the games begin.
Our Fantastic Refs: Ibrahim, Mr. Leland, and Mr. Orr

Boys Team Going Hard
Girls Team Intensity

On Saturday, the girls played their first game against Opheim, and THEY WON!!!! It was so exciting! They rocked it. We are all looking forward to watching them play and excel the rest of the season.

On Sunday, the whole dorm visited Glasgow Evangelical Church to watch their Christmas program. It was so great to watch their kids program and to remember the importance of Jesus being central in Christmas. We need those reminders in such a hectic holiday season. He is the perfect, best reason.

After the service, the kids hung out in the youth room while I went and picked up pizza and some pop. We ate lunch together in the youth room, played around a little bit, headed to a grocery store, and then back to the dorm.

Later that evening, we went to the MB Christmas program. SO.MUCH.FUN. The program was called David's Dynasty, a spoof off of the very famous Duck Dynasty. It was a riot! So much fun. You can watch the program here: http://www.highschoolcube.com/event/426001.

Amongst the extraordinary busy moments, there are precious ordinary moments too. I don't want to forget these. I don't want to forget the BEAUTY of waking up to a sunny, frosty morning in Lustre. Yes, even those early Monday mornings. There's still beauty in those. :)

I don't want to forget the gift it is to all eat together outside the school's kitchen for supper each weekday. Jean Toews is our cook, and my word, we are SPOILED ROTTEN! You should see our menus!

I don't want to forget these kids' smiles or the mornings when everything goes mostly wrong, and we laugh about it anyways. Or they laugh at me, . . . one or the other. ;) I don't want to forget that they're growing, that we're all growing and becoming through this process of together-life. We are always given the choice . . . to become better or bitter.

We definitely have our moments. Lots of moments. Even in the stressful, tense times, we're learning to be family, to connect, to grow. Sure, we all probably need this upcoming Christmas break to spend a little time away from each other, but I'm pretty confident there will be some happy reunions come January. We may be from many different parts of the globe with different thoughts on life and relationship, but we're all human, and we can still come together and grow together and seek Truth together. That's the beauty of this dorm, of this life.

We have made many memories in this past four month stretch. I am expectant to see what will meet us in this brand new upcoming year. :)

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday
    • All School Caroling
  • Thursday
    • Boys Basketball Game (4:30pm: JV and 6pm: Varsity)
  • Friday
    • Christmas Party at School
    • Girls & Boys Basketball Game (6pm & 7:30pm)
    • Christmas Vacation Begins! See you in the New Year!

Here is a small clip from one of the songs the choir sang during the school Christmas program. So sad for the static in the speakers in the beginning and that I cut off the recording early. :/ A good representative of our imperfect life here . . . in the midst of the imperfection, there is still incredible beauty, isn't there? Enjoy!