Monday, October 20, 2014

A Quarter Past

It's been a couple weeks since I've posted and a couple months since these kids have made their home in the dorm. It's probably the most overused phrase in the book, but really . . . time flies.

The end of the quarter is this week. These guys are a fourth of the way through their year. Wild.

Here's a few miscellaneous memories from the past few weeks.

On October 5th, our whole crew went to the Lustre MB Church (Mennonite Brethren) for their Harvest Festival. Special speaker Rick Eshbaugh talked about what it means to be devoted to God. He gave some lively examples and challenged us to intentionally follow God's Word.

After his message, there was a feast! Roast beef, salad, dinner rolls, potatoes, pie, etc. We headed out after the meal, and the girls looked a little tired, don't you think?
Katie (Jr.), Dimon (Fr.), Joyce (Jr.) all piled on Serena (Sr.)
Time for a Sunday nap!
The guys ended up going to Wolf Point to help someone move. They and their strong muscles were blessings to those they served.

Here are a few pictures from Monday's devotions. We started out with a crazy Rock Paper Scissors game. I LOVE seeing these kids laugh!

I'm bummed this is a blurry picture. Still love it though.
Their laughter is contagious!

Maya (Sr.) and Katie (Jr.) duking it out.

Dimon (Fr.) and Katie (Jr.) battling for the win.

Here's a video from the wild experience.

That Friday was the Volleyball Team's senior night! It was so exciting to celebrate our three seniors: Maya, Serena, and Chen (videographer for the team). It was UBER exciting that the girls pulled off a WIN! What an incredible way to end the night! That was the last of their home games, but they'll have a couple more away games before completely wrapping the season up.

After the girls finished their game, everyone came back, and we ate some celebration brownies, played games, and just hung out.

From Left to Right: Alek (Fr.), Nevin (Jr.), Maya (Sr.)

Aleyna (So.) on couch and Silas (Jr.), Chen (Sr.) and
Mawin (Sr.) . . . Just chillin'!

Did you know these guys can sing?! That's good these guys don't look at the blog too much otherwise I might be hunted down in the middle of the night for posting it. For your entertainment and pleasure, I think I'm gonna risk it. ;)

This is probably the best version of JB's "Baby" 
you've ever heard, huh? Mine too. Grin. Love these guys!
We have fun around here. :)

That Saturday, the Morazco's invited the girls over for dinner. That was so kind of them, and the food and company were great! It's a special thing to be able to go into homes as a dorm. 

The next day was the EMB (Evangelical Mennonite Brethren) Church Harvest Festival. The speaker was Darrin Clinton, and he spoke of the importance of a Christian's Worldview and how foundational our view of Genesis is. It was a wonderful service. Following the service was another feast! We sure were spoiled those two Sundays. The food was incredible.

That same afternoon, Brant and Lynn Unrau had the youth over to hang out. Ibrahim and I dropped the kids off and came back to stories of them playing some fun games, eating good food, and watching some football. They seemed to have a great time.

Last week was a short week. The kids were in school from Monday to half of Wednesday as it was MEA week when the teachers headed out across the state to various teaching training events. The kids were excited to have time off! They went to various homes in the community or to preplanned events. Some came back to the dorm on Sunday tired, but they seemed to have a nice time taking a break. 

This week ahead should be a full one. There's an away volleyball game tomorrow, the quarter ends on Friday, and the girls are taking a Billings trip from Friday - Sunday. Exciting things ahead! Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it!

Joke of the Day: How many guys does it take to fix a paper jam?