Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We have one more full day before school starts.  The dorm is quite busy with activity getting ready for Wednesday morning.  Each day brings new faces into our dorm and our family is continuing to get bigger.  The following students have arrived at the dorm:

Rachael from North Dakota
Lucas, Fiona & Silas from China
Samrii, Ephrata, Elshaday, Biruk & Sarina from Ethopia
Courtney from Montana
Matt & Serena from Nevada
Gabby & Kimberly from New Jersey
Josh from California
Morgan from Georgia

We look forward to meeting he following kids later this week and next week:

Tyasia from New Jersey
Jacque from Rwanda
James & Jake from Korea
Surafel from Ethopia
Mawin from Thailand
Daisy from China

It's amazing being surrounded by kids from around the globe.  God is good.  These kids are fabulous!